Inutitive Art Club : January – February 2023 : Tuesdays

This season of the Intuitive Art Club will be every Tuesday from January 10th – February 21st from 7pm – 8pm CST // 7 sessions total
• Creative, playful artistic self-care
• Art-Making and self-care accountability
• Catharsis and self-reflection
• Develop confidence in independent art making
• Learn new skills, tips and tricks with visual expression
• Dismantling the idea that art making and drawing is scary or exclusively about creating images from reality
• To be a part of an encouraging community that aims to connect and cultivate wonder, curiosity, and community through artmaking
• A brief check-in of group members and introduction of the weekly prompt
• Time to work, paired with a curated playlist
• Time to share and reflect about your process and expression, always optional
• After each session, you’ll receive access to a brief audio recording of the weekly prompt, a PDF with notes about the thematic prompt of the week, as well as a link to the weekly music playlist
After each session, you will be emailed a link to the weekly audio recording of the prompt and a PDF of session notes which include key themes, examples, reading recommendations, or other resources to support each week of making. Additionally, you’ll have access to the music playlist that has been curated for each session, too!
Supplies for the Intuitive Drawing Club: Basic supplies such as paper and any kind of mark making tool such as a pen or pencil are really all you need, but you may also want to dedicate a sketchbook for this group.
Since this season of the Intutive Art Club is focusing on color, the additional supplies such as markers, colored pencils, oil pastels, charcoal, watercolor are encouraged to have on hand for you to play with and have on hand to give your self options to play with.
Confidentiality: Intuitive Drawing Sessions with participants are not recorded. The only recorded, shared video content will be from the facilitator which is made prior to each session.
Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds for this event. If you cannot make it to a Tuesday session, you’ll have access to the recorded prompt and session notes that will be sent via email after each session for you to enjoy and make independently
By enrolling, you are paying for all of seven sessions.
Technology: This workshop is facilitated and accessed via Zoom. Download zoom here:
Personal Risk Disclaimer: All participants are responsible for and should be aware of their own physical, mental, and emotional safety.
At times when we take the time to care for ourselves and create, sometimes we can become overwhelmed with emotions or thoughts that arise—this is completely natural! These experiences can be invitations to acknowledge and processes hidden things that are calling out for attention. It is encouraged that you please be mindful of your needs during and after each session and to take care of yourself.
By enrolling in this group, attending, and participating in these sessions, you have read the personal risk disclaimer and understand the potential risks and that you as the participant will be responsible for your own safety and wellbeing.


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