International to Local Pro-Active Tutored Figure Drawing with Tony

This group is for pro-active Art Lovers who’d like to help there local community and themselves get back to a good Life enjoying figure drawing classes in person with friends/neighbors but also Online when they are too busy, short of £$ or time knowing also that live in person events limit us to mainly to Pencils, Charcoal and pastels.
Simply try one of our classes, for free, or two and from then on advertise the cost of our Monthly membership in Facebook ads and promote those ideas and events in your local area.
The same applies if you are a model. We will pay you extra that you’ll invest in FB ads.
We will also exhibit, promote your Art now or in a few years when ready at no cost to you except for the commission that is also shared with the model drawn.
In both cases image grabs will be needed to show you are promoting on FB.
Let’s make things even better than what things were before Corvid. This is the only Network of the kind so methods to make things happen may also be unusual/avant-garde.
What you will receive here, while helping your local classes/community is hours and hours of guided classes Live and recorded to help you exhibit on your walls or in Public/Online…
Every class is different because models and poses always vary and will also soon do non nude classes, Montage of figure with building/nature/flowers and top themes classes or model auditions all incl.
Whenever you are ready we can also start a Local to you, self-supporting group with mini recurring memberships to deal with model costs.
Tony Picano (FB creative friends group)
Portrait Artist, Tutor in Person for groups and individuals since 2004, founder of the life Drawing Network at, as seen on TV, radio, Press when Figure Drawing classes were going, going, going and when Ipad, tablet classes were rising, rising, rising… Worked as hard as humanly possible, took classes where no one has ever drawn before to help the situation. Then in 2014. London had 650 weekly figure drawing classes, which was more than all classes anywhere in the World and now with the UK leading Online on zoom internationally. How was it possible? in 2005 I reduced cost of classes by 2/3 £$, tripled models wages and ran about 150 classes anywhere and everywhere for at least 10 years, losing money for at least a year, so if anyone want to build/raise a new industry from ground up, this could be the way. Every little influence counts so happy to share the do’s, dont’s, what to be aware of etc… To change things further, as teleportation hasn’t been invented yet, I may need a little support anywhere and everywhere. Thank you.

The Life Drawing Network

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