Get Started with NFTs: An Introduction to Collecting Non-Fungible Tokens

A free 60 minute beginner’s workshop on NFTs, what they are, and why/how to start collecting them.
During the workshop we will cover:
After the session, you will receive a recording of the workshop and a free PDF on how to get started with NFT Do & Don’ts.

The Story behind this workshop:
The idea for this workshop came to life one beautiful Friday evening during a dinner with my friends.
I realized the 5 of us at the table were all real art lovers and collectors of pieces from all around the world.
One of my friends remarked that she loves to support artists, but at this point she has no space to put any more pieces.
That’s when a light bulb went off and I began to connect the dots between her situation and my background innovating new Web3 technologies. My friend could utilize the power of NFTs to support artists from all over the world without having to store physical pieces in a cluttered storage room. She could browse, purchase, display, and discuss digital artwork freely while still feeling deeply connected to each piece and the artist who created them. She could get to know artists and even join for part of their journey, connecting with a like-minded community of people.
That same friend told me that she feels like a dinosaur whenever I try to speak about Web3.
These innovations are still knew and mainstream knowledge is limited to a few headlines about popular Profile Pic (PFP) NFTs like the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Some of these newsworthy pieces look quite ugly and cost a lot of money, with its main purpose being to hold and trade when the time is right.
During our workshop we will skip those attention grabbing outliers, and talk about the large majority of different art that may not get a lot of hot publicity, but foster heartfelt and supportive communities amongst both artists and collectors, supporting and inspiring each other.

About Speakers:
Marina Romashko is Co-Founder and COO of HeyLayer, also creator and director of HeyLayer Space Camp, a 10 week program to transform into a Web3 leader.
Wanda Oliver is an experimental photographer, NFT artist & collector.

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