Songwriting Workshop – Lyrics to Music

– A powerful tool for processing and expressing emotions, spreading messages and telling stories –
Singer-songwriter, Kitty Stewart will be offering an educational and creative evening exploring a range of simple techniques with minimal music theory to help you uncover the songwriter within.
“Lyrics to Music” will support you on a journey from pen and paper to musical instrument, whether that be ukulele, guitar, piano or voice, focusing on feeling rather than theory.
Kitty is a popular ukulele musician and singer-songwriter who writes from the heart and feeling, without the need for sheet music or music notation (and she has never learnt how to read music). She uses a variety of holistic approaches to help her to transfer her lyrics to her ukulele and voice, including meditation and free-writing and these will be incorporated in this workshop alongside a set of creative and musical tools to help you to unlock your musical creativity.
Focusing on feeling rather than theory whilst still cultivating the key elements of songwriting such as melody and chords, Kitty will be drawing wisdom from her own experience and training to deliver an inspiring and innovative workshop.
“The Senses” songwriting workshop takes place on 10th January and will walk you through how to write lyrics in preparation for this workshop:
This workshop is open to adults and teenagers, from absolute beginners to intermediate song writers looking to expand their songwriting toolkit.
Bring your instrument of choice and a song (lyrics) that you have written which you would like to work on. If you don’t have a song prepared no problem – Kitty will have a poem prepared for you to use, or you can join her workshop “The Senses” to help inspire your lyrics.
You will need pen and paper and your instrument of choice. A sound recording device may also be useful (a phone app works fine).
There will be plenty of time to work independently and opportunities to share your work if you would like but this is by no means mandatory.
This workshop is brought to you by Musical Embers – ukulele, singing and songwriting lessons, courses and workshops.

£10 – £14
Musical Embers – Kitty Stewart

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