Copying the old masters is an age old tradition in the art world. Traditionally painters would study their predecessors work, imitating the technique until they had honed enough skill to initiate paintings of their own. Relatively recently the advent of photography brought artists the opportunity to draw from photographic reference, a practice that has eased the learning curve of artists today. Whilst studying the work of artists you admire and copying from photos are both excellent methods for progressing there comes a point in an illustrators professional development when they will want to move beyond simply copying.
On Instagram and social media, much work can be seen, by artists striving to reach the dazzling heights of Fashion Illustration, that is directly copied from photographs. Renowned Fashion Illustrator JACQUELINE BISSETT can spot it a mile off!!!
But fear not! Here is a unique opportunity to take control of your illustration development! Join us in this unique masterclass with Jacqueline Bissett whose clients include Vogue, Louis Vuitton, Claridges, De Beers, Giorgio Armani and Polo Ralph Lauren will reveal how she uses multiple sources of visual reference and photographs to construct world class Fashion Illustrations.
5-7pm London
6-8pm – Rome
6-8pm Paris
12-2pm New York
9-11am Los Angeles
Strictly Limited Secret Sale ✨25%🥂⚡️ Discount Reservations Available on a first come first serve basis!

From £16.76

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