Mindless Art Workshop: Where your art is your teacher.

Virginia Robin calls herself a mind-less artist. Not that long ago she stared at a blank piece of art paper with a mild feeling of terror. Would she mess the paper up? What could she possibly create that would be ‘acceptable’? Those were just two of many questions that a blank piece of paper asked of her.
It was when she let loose on that paper with some ink pens that she learned nothing really mattered at all. And that ‘art’ is a far more expanded concept than she first understood. So much surrounding her inner belief system was revealed. All the while her inner artist and authentic self were coming to life.
This idea of letting loose really meant becoming ‘mindless’ or being in a state of ‘no mind’ as they say in Zen. When we move out of our judgmental, thinking minds we can surprise ourselves with who we are.
Virginia particularly draws on the principles of sumi-e (Japanese black ink painting) and other influences to take you on a journey of self-discovery as you learn to use one simple black ink line, to start your journey. The freedom is yours to embellish as you please whilst you hear how you can use that one line to reveal the places in your life that keep you stuck.
You will explore where your own mind is blocking the way forward in areas of your life such as:
You will also learn how being in this space helps you experience more peace.
Everyone. Especially those who feel that they lack creativity or feel blocks in any area of life.
We will be drawing black ink lines on white paper.
This workshop is online only.
Virginia is a modern shaman and Peace Consultant. She remembers being an artist at a young age, yet being an artist, wasn’t the career move of parental choice. There was also an incident in childhood that saw her inner artist tucked away for good.
She has since come out of hiding after using some ‘mindless’ art techniques to learn that everything in this life is in perfect order and that she can be proud of what she produces in every area of life. She is here to guide you to a similar place using her experiences to do so.

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