Green Tarot: Tarot as Nature Connection (FREE) (with Stephen McCabe)

Did you know that 67 of the 78 cards in the standard Waite-Smith tarot deck feature scenes of nature, and that a further four ‘indoor’ cards feature wildlife symbolism in some way too? In fact, there are only seven images in the entire classic Waite-Smith tarot deck (which is considered by many as the ‘standard’ tarot) without any obvious references to nature.
Join Stephen McCabe for a free tarot-inspired ecotherapy session . During this session, Stephen will nominate one member of the group to draw a card from an online tarot deck. Together, we will focus and ask the deck the question, ‘What do we collectively need to learn from nature today?’.
When we have pulled the card, we will explore together what the card might be inspiring us to do (with regards to our relationship with nature). If there is time, we might expand on the theme further and do a nature connection activity together, inspired by the card.
This event is offered as a free taster in the run up to Nature Therapy Online’s new online course, ‘Green Tarot: Two Months with Nature’. The course will bring a group of nature lovers together regularly to connect with nature through our collective tarot readings. Click here to find out more .
Our events are interactive. We kindly request that attendees have their cameras switched on to engage with the group experience (unless of course you have technical difficulties).
Please note that this session will not be recorded.
This free event is open to all. It is not a Tariki Trust event. It is offered by Nature Therapy Online, Stephen McCabe’s affiliated ecotherapy project, and does not count towards Ten Direction student hours.

About Stephen McCabe
Stephen McCabe is an ecotherapy practitioner, storyteller and ordained Zen Buddhist. He has been reading tarot for around 20 years and he regularly incorporates tarot cards into his ecotherapy work. His work includes tutoring for the Ten Directions training programme, facilitating ecotherapy groups in Scotland, and running online ecotherapy programmes based on myth, folklore and tarot. His debut book of stories, ‘The Moorfoot Tales’, celebrates little-known nature-based myths and folklore from the Moorfoot area of Scotland, where he lives. You can find him at

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