Alison Williams – A Journey Of Wilding Women Book Launch Celebration

Alison Williams is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. Her life has been anything but ordinary. In her mid seventies and living with Parkinson’s disease she spent five days and nights completely alone in the high desert of New Mexico on a vision quest.
“My friends tell me – somewhat enviously – that I’m crazy … They could be right.”
This spirit journey in the desert opened up the concept of Wilding to Alison. It became a passion that she shared with other women, encouraging them to delve into their own wilding moments. Their stories combined with Alison’s to form her brilliant new book, A Journey of Wilding Women, Celebrating Selfhood.
Join me, Kim Macleod, as I get to delve into the concept of wilding and find out more about Alison Williams, her art, her creativity, her spirit journey and her passion for life and growing the Wilding Women movement.

About the book
A Journey of Wilding Women, Celebrating Selfhood
Do you remember the moment you glimpsed the life you were meant to embrace?
The dazzling burst of hope and freedom through the cracks of your conditioning and limitations?
That moment when you see something about your life, your situation, another person –and it can never be unseen?
That is the wilding moment: when life shifts, and changes forever.
This is the story of how one woman found her own wilding on a quest in the high desert of New Mexico. It is the story of how she shared that moment with women across the world, and how those women discovered their own wilding moments, writing and sharing their stories, meeting up online, growing themselves and each other.
And it is a rich set of very practical wilding tools, practices and ideas.
“I don’t have to make myself small anymore.”
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Find out more about Wilding Women

Alison Williams is an artist, writer and specialist in the practice and theory of creativity.
Alison’s art practice draws on the relationship between spirit and the natural world, reflecting on what it means to be human, to be fully alive. She believes passionately in taking responsibility for her own life, in learning to love and care about others without wanting to take care of them.
Alison’s spiritual journey with her Teachers, WindEagle and RainbowHawk, began in 1999 and continues to this day.
Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, she studied sculpture at Reading University. She lived in London and France, and co-founded a glass business whose clients included Paul McCartney and Freddie Mercury. Moving back to Scotland, Alison became what she calls “a late-onset academic” gaining aPhD in how physical space affects creativity in the workplace.
She is co-editor of BITE: Recipes for remarkable research and EqualBITE: Gender equality in higher education, two influential books that break the mould of academic publishing.
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