How to Draw Shoes!

Join Emily as she sketches through an hour of shoes!
Grab your sketchbooks and materials as we embark on another “How To” sketch session designed to give you a chance to practise drawing, learn new sketch skills and build a sketchbook!
Drawing things in our everyday environments can support us build our confidence. Today’s session will be no exception and provides us with a limitless source of inspiration.
If you have a favourite pair of shoes, snap a picture and bring it along.
Practising drawing shoes tackles perspective, colour, composition and more…. So whether you have a soft spot for your high heels, Dr Martens, trainers or sneakers, slippers or your flip flops….(maybe perhaps all of them), we’ll be tackling this very obvious wardrobe subject.
All you need is your sketchbook, pencil and the materials you’d like to use.
You’ll be able to access the reference materials Emily uses via her Pinterest account which will be available before the event.
By signing up to this free online course you give Emily’s Notebook permission to email you relevant course materials and details as well as ongoing course notfications.
See you there!
(If you haven’t visited me at for more resources, I look forward to seeing you there!)

Emily’s Notebook

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