Abraham Mashinsky Presents – Intro to Abstract Painting

What is Abstract Painting?
Abstract painting is an expression of art whose fundamental characteristic lies in the NO figuration. That is to say; it moves away entirely from figurative painting. Abstract art does not draw people, landscapes or familiar things in its paintings. Abstract painting uses colors, shapes, movement to represent feelings, ideas or concepts. An abstract work evokes through chromatic, formal and structural aspects.
Abraham Mashinsky’s Abstract Art Courses
What does the Abstract Painting course consist of?
Welcome to the free online abstract painting course of Abraham Mashinskyt. In this abstract art course you will easily learn through theoretical and practical material step by step:
How to paint different works of abstract art.
Recognize the main abstract painters throughout the history of art.
Why paint abstract pictures.
How an artist expresses himself through an abstract painting.
You will acquire the necessary tools to understand complex abstract works and be able to express yourself as an artist on canvas.
Abraham Mashinsky will encourage you to try new things as a way to experience breakthroughs and encourage you to work quickly. You will be finding ways to develop your own way of applying paint and to compose the visual space.

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