Get Drawn!…or Draw, Paint yourself

Every Tuesday since the start of Corvid Pandemic, we Draw each other, Paint, even sculpt each other from Live on Zoom or from the recordings if you are a full member that wants to save on £ss. Before we were in Pubs mainly since 2003 where we Started Drink & Draw events before the smoking ban (stopped smoking at same time).
Now we enjoy a good amount of Drawing the human face, which we all need to finish our Drawings, and a good giggle while socializing, once a week together. Monday is Guided Life Drawing & Wednesday is Close up Body Area Drawing/Painting.
We have nearly 20K, young members list and growing, with plenty of talented individuals with a newsletter sent once a week, where whoever wants to get drawn shows, as well as our Models of the week we’ draw on other days. So, a good place to find the right Artist to show/picture/capture/immortalize you the way you’ve dreamed of for ages.
I myself spend years in Romantic Montmartre drawing People in Paris on Sunny days and the last time I went about 10 years ago they were asking £40 for a 15 mins Portrait. Here I ask for £10 and you can choose your Drawings. You can also get your own cloud storage folder to get people to upload their drawings if you want to save £ss if you decide to save and become a Full member (see our prices page on our Network Website here ).
You’ll decide how you’d like to do it, but I’ll tell you what is possible first, from Bust to close up of face, facial expressions, funny faces (our favourite), up to an hour pose for Painters, etc…, with restricted nudity up to torso only.
Do you know someone you’d like to surprise and have drawn for let’s say 30 mins with a short break, someone you like, love or admire? Bring her/him in, share the zoom link at no extra cost so kind of £5 each ticket and then save on buying picture frames to hang what can be shared/sent to you. This is popular even with people who work in the US or work late together in the UK.
The more you will tell your friends the more people will pose or draw and the more talented the Artists we’ll ask to join us.
With this ticket you may also want to give it a go at Life Modelling (nude) for a tutored or non-tutored class on Monday or Wednesday night at 9.15pm (UK time).
No matter where you are or who you are, we want to draw you and get you excited about this all process, with your image to be hanged, shown, remembered for years, generations to come… Want to have your Mum, Dad or Boss Drawn? get in touch now.
This becomes included if you decide to become a full member, for saving £$ss at £4.66/week all incl. and can then draw, paint yourself using the recordings and exhibit them with us.
Finally, and the best for the end, you can go to all of our 3 classes in the same week Live, joining at any time with this ticket, using your name and Surname initial, with zoom links provided. This helps us letting participant in quicker… This would be to draw or model/pose or both, you decide how immersed in Art, you’d like to be.
Time to treat yourself and friends to make your Life and your World better. I myself re-started Drawing/Painting 20 years ago regularly and have never stopped getting younger physically every day, luckily, I re-started quite late :).
eukart at

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