Beginner's Zentangle® 101, (a 4 week series)

What is the Zentangle® Drawing Method?
The Zentangle Method™ is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful abstract images by drawing structured patterns. While the process may look intricate, it is a deceptively simple pathway to relaxation and inner focus.
In fact, proponents of the practice note that it has multiple benefits including calming an anxious mind, increasing self-confidence, and cultivating moment-to-moment awareness in a similar way as mindfulness meditation, while you learn how to make beautiful art using different abstract patterns.
If you can sign your name, you can create art, the Zentangle® Way!
This 4 week Zentangle class is a foundational series that helps quiet your mind, increase focus and creativity. Learn draw beautiful abstract patterns, while learning the basic Zentangle building blocks in a simple, easy, step by step method. This series gives you all the tools you need to start making beautiful abstract drawings. And it’s really fun, too!
“Yehudit’s beginning Zentangle 101 class series was just what I needed to establish a true Zentangle Practice. I’d been tangling for about 6 months but Yehudit helped me to see the importance of following the 8 steps each time I sat down to tangle. She was genuinely interested in meeting me where I was creatively and understanding what I wanted from her classes. She was generous with her time and providing extra help when I was struggling with a tangle. I am looking forward to her Zen and Creativity series! ” Mary Canaban 2022

“Yehudit’s Zentangle ®class was top-notch. She is both an artist and an educator with the ability to break down complex concepts into simple, easy-to-follow steps. She encouraged us, gave us realistic expectations, and even provided extra guidance for us to grow into. I walked away with tangible skills that I can replicate, as well as some beautiful pieces. She fielded questions like a champ. Plus, her class was a lot of fun.” Wendy Stein 2022 Regional Manager WESST Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Congratulations on the wonderful class, Yehudit! Your opening remarks are very welcoming! I’m enjoying this time with you. Your artwork looks beautiful on the computer screen. Keep up the lovely work you’re doing! I would like to congratulate you on your fine work to produce this Youtube Inktober video series. The colors you’ve chosen are perfect–so light and refreshing. Your visuals are wonderful, too. Your choice of font style and size works well on my screen. Overall, the videos are very professional and nicely paced.I like the fact that you use a voice-led approach, taking your time as you demonstrate each line.Thank you for the many examples of what other artists are coming up with. That is inspiring!” Nancy Hastings 2022 retired English Professor NMSU Las Cruces, NM

I take my pen and my paper, a few quiet moments add a little bit of appreciation for the work that’s about to come forth and I’m on my way to creating a new zentangle® inspired art tile. The mystery of the creative process allows me to untangle limiting beliefs and call on my inner self, I call my soul muse, inner artist or architect… the co-creator of the present moment. My art practice is a daily exploration of this inner world – one line at a time for me it’s about this connection. My hope is to share the peace and joy I get from exploring all the different patterns, called tangles in new and interesting ways, as well as to bring some comfort and joy to the viewer. My motivation to begin and continue is to create a visual representation of my inner thoughts in the present moment day by day… like an artist’s journal !

Instructor: Yehudit Steinberg M.Ed. CZT
Yehudit has a long history teaching art and meditation. She also designs ebooks, multimedia online course content in the Art & Spirituality genre. Yehudit is a certified Zentangle instructor who understands how to guide and coach you as you learn, explore and practice the Zentangle Method and Artform.

Relax Your Mind, Improve your Focus & Easily Create Soulful Art
Week 1: Introduction to Zentangle
This class will provide a beginner with a background in the history of Zentangle, introduce them to the basics steps of the method and expose them to associated vocabulary and tools used. You’ll be immersed in creating actual Zentangle tiles and will leave with a clear understanding that “Anything is possible one stroke at a time”.
Week 2: Organic vs. Geometric Patterns
After looking at examples of organic and geometric shapes and patterns, you’ll learn 4 new easy tangles (patterns), two organic in nature and the others geometric.
Week 3: Patterns and String Theory
Tangles (patterns) and a String are the essence of the zentangle method. This class we focus on different ways to create strings and how we integrate patterns in your drawing to make unique designs every time. This is when the fun really starts and your creative juices begin to flow. You’ll learn how to make many different drawings with just a few different patterns and strings.
Week 4: Introduction to Mandala
The geometric flow and circular structure of mandalas seemed to invite the use of the Zentangle Method. It’s so natural that the two meet to create a beautiful hybrid. In this class, we’ll work with a round tile and create a design incorporating the patterns you’ve learned, plus a few new ones that will just make your design pop with some drama.

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