Youngmin Lee and The Korean Art of Bojagi

San Francisco based textile artist Youngmin Lee studied Clothing and Textiles for her undergraduate degree and continued her studies to receive an MFA in Fashion Design.
For a time Youngmin worked as a fashion designer in Seoul, South Korea. Where she would go on to choose Bojagi (Korean wrapping cloths) as her creative medium, presenting workshops on Korean Textile Arts that include Bojagi .
In addition to teaching in person workshops, Youngmin created her instructional DVD Bojagi: The Art of Wrapping Cloths in 2013 to reach a worldwide audience. Currently, Youngmin teaches various workshops about Bojagi and Korean traditional textile art. In 2017 Youngmin founded the Korean Textile Tour to introduce Korean traditional textile art and culture.
Youngmin’s Bojagi works have been exhibited and collected throughout the United States and abroad including the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.
Bojagi (Korean Wrapping Cloths) are pieced together scraps of cloth. These wrapping cloths occupied a prominent place in the daily lives of Koreans of all classes throughout history. They were frequently used to wrap anything from precious ritual objects, everyday clothes, common household goods, and also as a food covering.
Bojagi are also strikingly contemporary in their appearance: the designs and colors can be muted and geometric, as well as bright and bold. Bojagi may be considered the most unique form of Korean textile art.
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