Self-Love-A Powerful Workshop Of Discovery, Experience & Contribution

There is no magic pill to make the path to self love easier. However, recognizing that your thoughts and words directly affect how you see and feel about yourself, it’s essential to see yourself and your value as significant and desirable.
Life is like a puzzle – our own “personal puzzle”. Each piece – is a living piece – unique in itself – and fits only where it was designed. Good or bad – Happy or sad – each piece creates our very life. Yes – when our life has been lived – and our days are over – “our puzzle” will have been completed. Only then, will we – and others – be able to see the significance of what each piece has created
Life can happen to us – or life can happen for us. If we allow life to happen “for” us, then we have the power and the creativity to write upon each piece – the picture or meaning we choose. However – if we allow life to happen “to” us, we then surrender and forfeit that precious gift and our unique contribution to this world in which we live – which is yet, a piece of an even bigger puzzle…..
Note: This is an interactive workshop. Course materials will be sent to the mailing address you provide prior to the start of the workshop.


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