Watercolour Landscape Painting Playback – CALMING and EASY Painting

PLEASE NOTE – This is NOT a live class. It is a playback you will receive via email.
You will receive 2 and a half hours worth of footage for this tutorial.

A bit about my classes;
My name is Megan Elizabeth and founder of M.E Nature Creations. All my artwork is nature based and created using both watercolour and coloured pencils. My main aim with my art is to inspire others to create beautiful artwork, whilst engaging with you inner self. All my classes are offered to you within a safe space to create freely, uniquely and to help you explore your own individual art skills.
All my classes offer a calm space, to learn how to paint at your own pace with playbacks, you can pause at any time or skip ahead. I have suffered with anxiety my whole life, and art offers that safe space to me, so I hope to do the same for you.

Materials needed;
– Watercolours
– A4 watercolour paper
– Two jars of water
– Washi tape or scotch tape
– White acrylic paint

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