Watercolour Cats (online class)

MEOW! This special watercolour class will explore the joyful world of our feline friends: Cats.
Taking inspiration from Serbian artist Endre Penovác will will explore loose, spontaneous techniques (great for sketching your pets from life) to learn capture character, movement and texture in watercolour paint.
All the Details…
In her weekly watercolour classes Illustrator Katie Rose Johnston guides you through a series of simple, easy to follow techniques demonstrating how to paint your own watercolour compositions in a loose, manageable way. Each week covers a different theme but always with a fresh, playful approach.
You will be provided with a printable pack containing reference images for the session along with some tips, tricks and a materials guide.
Please note the class will take place on Zoom – Katie will have her own painting set up for you to follow along and take you through all the steps, answering any questions on the way.
Follow Katie’s watercolour channel on youtube for a taste of the workshop here.
Beginners through to practising painters are welcome – this is an opportunity to connect and share ideas in a virtual setting.
For more information about the teacher follow her instagram @katierosejohnston or check her website http://www.katierosejohnston.com
If you are a beginner you can buy a starter kit filled with quality watercolour supplies HERE.
For this virtual class you will need the following materials:
– A set of decent paint brushes.
– Watercolour Paper (at least 280gsm thickness, A4 or larger is best)
– A watercolour tin set, or a set of paint tubes.
– A water glass and some kitchen roll or toilet roll
Notes on Materials:
Please try to shop locally if possible and support small businesses in this time! Many art shops do delivery too.
Some links to materials I recommend:
Paper: It’s very important to have watercolour paper. I use Daler Rowney Aquarelle paper in an a3 jumbo pad, but you can get smaller pads- it has a good texture and holds a decent amount of water.
Paints – I use a set called Schmincke Horadam which I would recommend only for people wanting to really dedicate time to their painting – they are very, very expensive but the pigment is the best! Windsor and Newton offer a much more affordable but good quality sets. Their Cotman travel set is a good starting place. You can also get some good pigments using tubed watercolours such as these by Artistik
Brushes: Your brush collection will grow over time when you figure out the shapes and styles you like. I recommend a brand called Da Vinc i to start with. Try to get a selection of rounded brushes with a good point and some larger flat headed brushes.
Happy material shopping!
Image references :
“Aurora” Print – Endre Penovác – Saatchi website.
Endre Penovác – cats – thisiscolossa l website.
All other images are copyright of Katie Rose Johnston.

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