Washi Drawing Club, Online!

On the third Wednesday evening of each month for four months (15 February, 15 March, 19 April, 17 May) a group of washi -loving artists will gather via Zoom to draw using their favourite media on washi . The Japanese Paper Place will provide a theme, a staff member will present a brief, inspiring slide show at the beginning of each meeting and review the evening’s washi.
You will receive a package with select washi for four drawing sessions. We will be sure to include enough paper for you to explore the month’s theme. Paper provided will fall into three categories — Heritage Washi (the best of the best), a medium-, and a student-quality selection. There will be no instructor, (it’s a club, not a workshop!) and dialogue between participants about what works and what doesn’t will be encouraged. An email will be sent at least one week before each meeting as a reminder, and to inform you of the month’s theme.
A Facebook group has been created for participants to share ideas and images of their efforts. This group isn’t about making great art (although that does happen) it is about trying various drawing techniques on washi . Join us!

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