Vision Board Workshop

About this event:
Do you have dreams and goals that are unfulfilled? Are you wanting more from life but aren’t sure exactly what that is?
Are you looking for a spark in your life in 2023?
Have you set goals for yourself but really don’t know where and how to start to accomplish them? Well, you are not alone!
If you are ready to turn your goals into reality, then this fun workshop is for you.
Life is meant to be vibrant, happy and full of purpose. Knowing your purpose helps you become resilient at times when you are required to deal with some of life’s most challenging situations.
Gayner Harriet Taylor will lead you through the practical steps you must take to turn vision into reality using vision boards as a tool. As a Transformational Life Coach, she can help you learn how to rely on and believe in your unlimited potential.
This powerful workshop will give you proven strategies to create a vision using your goals.
If you’ve been feeling stuck, not knowing what is next for you, or like you are missing that “spark” in your life… if you like your life but you feel like there is MORE for you… or if you have big dreams but you’re holding back… give yourself the gift of this fun workshop so you can truly step into that next level of life.
What to bring?
Joining the workshop:
This workshop will take place online via Zoom over 1.5 hours. No matter who you are, or your current state of wellbeing, this workshop will be accessible to all.

Wellbeing Works, a project managed by Devon Communities Together funded by Devon County Council.

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