The Professional Skills for Actors (Virtual) Workshop

The Professional Skills for Actors Workshop™ gives the participant the expertise to turn the time, attention and money they’ve spent to train and develop artistic skills into a career as a Professional Actor. It takes the participant step-by-step through a series of business, administrative and life skills that can make the difference between an “aspiring” and a “working” actor.
The only actors that don’t have to audition, are the ones who produce their own work. If you’re not signing the checks, you need to get to auditions because, ACTORS WHO DO NOT AUDITION, DO NOT WORK! This session deals with finding auditions, self-casting, targeting submissions, and tips to help actors do better auditions, as well as practically track their progress.

Learn how the ShowBiz Machine works. This session gets into the difference between Agents and Managers, how and when to engage them. There is a special focus on the importance of Casting Directors, as well as the Unions, their purpose, costs, and benefits.

Acting is your Job. You still need a Life. Ask yourself : Which work market suits your career goals AND your lifestyle? Where can I find flexible income streams? Do you want (have) a family? How does that balance with work? What does ”retirement “ look like? (Actors never really “retire”, but we do get old if we’re lucky…) This session gives you practical information to help you create and plan for your long-term life goals

Always remember, YOUR ART BELONGS TO YOU – NOT THE BIZ. Unless and until you decide to monetize your Artistic product, it’s yours and nothing and no-one can take it from you. However, the onus is on you to feed your Artist-within. The Biz will not necessarily fulfIll that need, even if you work a lot. This session promotes health of the mind, body and spirit, all needed to keep you creative and sane throughout your life and career.

Fredi Walker-Browne is a proud Arts Worker, Owner of BIG SPOON PRODUCTIONS and creator of The Professional Skills for Actors Workshop™. She is best known for originating the role of JoAnne Jefferson in the Pulitzer Prize winning musical RENT.
Music from her new album, #1PEOPLE1PLANET is now streaming everywhere.
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