Virtual Community Salon

The Virtual Community Salon is a free online community gathering space hosted by Contemporaneous, where anyone can come to share artistic work in all stages of development, along with ideas, dreams, and conversation.
Born from Contemporaneous’s Community Salon series, the Virtual Community Salon provides a place where we can all come to share new art, conversation, and community — without meeting in person. The Virtual Community Salon will be hosted by Contemporaneous every two weeks throughout the period of social distancing.
This event will take place over the video conferencing app Zoom — you will receive a link to join the call upon registration.
The Virtual Community Salon is always free and open to anyone .
If you’re an artist , join the salon and share your music, your poetry, your paintings, or just your dreams. You can share work at any stage of development, and you can share as much or as little as you want. You can open your work up to questions or not — however you want to present whatever you want to present, that’s what the salon is for.
If you’re not an artist , join the salon to spend time with other people, to hear and see what work is being created all around us, and for a night of conversation and creative openness.
We all spend our lives in search of meaning. For many of us, we follow paths of creativity to find that meaning, and as we enter a world without the ability to gather in person, the lack of ability to share creative work can be difficult to bear. We hope to offer a space to anyone through the Virtual Community Salon where you can still share the thoughts, dreams, and art that offer meaning in your life and the lives of others.
We can’t wait to share this evening of dreams with you.

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