Tuesday FREE/Donations guided Life Drawing

Poses: Medium and dynamic Short Poses from 30 secs to 20/25 mins.
Tutor: Tony James Picanco, Portrait Artist, Founder of http://www.thelifedrawingnetwork.com, previously the Life Drawing Society
Modeling Style: Nude Art modeling

Timing: This is a true drop in anytime Class allowing those with not so good connection to pop in and out at anytime.

All our classes start at this same time…

Share your Drawings:
It is becoming easier and easier to do that, simply take a snap with your mobile and privately share on the following links so we can add them to our Newsletters, our Members drawings gallery, Flickr, our “Creative friends” group on FB and our Global Drawing Map, using your name rather than surname. Keeping our members and models private is our absolute priority which is why we don’t sell their videos/recordings. We protect with passwords, video hiring encryption and even if required storage encryption (Maximum security).Upload your drawings in the right folder, depending on your drawings and/or the classes you attended.

Art Map:
In 2022 when you open your eyes again, after weeks of Chistmas isolation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised in finding a Map, where thousands of people and organizations will appears anywhere and everywhere in the World where they’ll be able to work together without our help.

Togetherness rather than Business:
We tried for the last 18 years to open new classes in new places, where no one has ever drawn before (about 150), trying to bring classes to the people. Now it has become much much easier with zoom to just do that, so we can happily, continue what we started, trying to improve/grow everyday offering FREE +Donations tutored and untutored sessions Online.
Every week, we all meet on Zoom, from anywhere in the World, and draw the very special human form, Live or from recording for those who live on a faraway time line (£5/week), but this is not where it ends…
We help models, start their own classes no matter where in the world, adding them to our coming soon global map, letting the locals know when things are ready to go. We then let our members know (12K for now), so they can go and support them locally at in person model classes or even support existing small to medium taught recommended classes by amazing people who can Draw/Paint. Unfortunately they find it difficult to prevail with constantly loosing too many attendees to Factory style sessions happening in town. By helping those who only wish to open the biggest possible spaces to fill with crowds, you are stoping anything to happen anywhere for anyone globally…
Drawing Online, with us, means being able to draw 24/7 from recordings or Live with followed up advice. Going to an in person class can easily consumme 1/2 day. We all enjoy big classes occasionally but only for the socializing aspect, not for improving or learning. We guess that those factory classes will soon become more and more 1 hr sessions with 2 hours socializing, Dine and Draw, unlimited wine, as it has already re-started. Can’t complain as we shown the way in 2006 with mega Italian Dine and Draw, Show, Concert performance, Exhibition, Private view all in one :)… Now we can become better Artists online and feel even better when going to in person classes.

Keeping our Models and Artists safe:
The Best way to keep everything working perfectly with Life Models and Artists is good communication and prevention when needed.
All our Life models who agree to be recorded sign an agreement that stipulates where and how their image will be used and never shared for any other purpose than Drawing or learning. Their identity is kept private as we use new models names, which is a common practice in any Model agency. We do not sell their photos or video recordings and add encryption or/and passwords when needed/required. We avoid platform such as Instagram where silly gangs are operating at the moment.
Artists are also kept as safe as possible as going online in Live events can and has offered unwanted surprises because of Social Media so prevvention is possible by letting them use Pseudo/Artists name. Pseudo names for models and Artists are used on all platform connected to our Network from FB, to Flickr, our future Art Map…

How to Access to a Class:
You only need to install Zoom from http://www.zoom.us on any device you are planning to use. You can then use the link you’ll be given or the Meeting ID which is simply the numbers used in the URL link. For Free events this is the usual method but for paid events you usually buy a ticket on a website like ours at http://www.thelifedrawingnetwork.com or Eventbrite or you are sometime asked to donate first and then the link is emailed to you. We do not use passwords as they can also be copied, fowarded and prefer to check all attendees before end.
Once you are in, you land in the waiting room so you know that the meeting is definitely happening and that you’ll be accepted in usually 5 minutes before the anounced starting time. Once you’ve been accepted in, you can unmute yourself and ask any question, same for your video or use the chat function to ask anything while the Drawing is happening. The quickest way to unmute yourself is to hold the space bar on your laptop, otherwise click on the mike icon at the bottom of your screen. All will be muted, including the model during the Drawing time.

In a meeting: Please make sure your phone is on Silent, just in case, keep yourself muted and if you happen to not find your email with the ticket and zoom link then please do not hesitate to text me on +44 7951613705 (call or voicemails aren’t used due to spammers) or email me, Tony, at eukart at msn.com. You can also find Zoom support videos on Youtube or on their website at http://www.zoom.us.
Please keep your camera on so we get to know who you are and models feel better too.
Prices: All Live events are FREE at least until 2022 but Free only means that we make it Free so you can Donate and influence us in all our choices from Classes to models…
Only those who paid the normally charged amount of £8 for Life Drawing and £5 for Portraits, by donating before, during or after the class, will receive the link to the recording that’s Valid forever. This is the right thing to do also if you missed the Live event and still want to draw and learn from it, as most classes are tutored/guided.
Front Line Health workers, Soldiers, people on Benefits pay £2 less as long as they scanned and shown dated evidence at eukart at msn.com.
Our smart and very happy Monthly members only pay £5/week and receive access to all recordings also from the near past. After 6 months we give you access to all past recordings. They also get a Free drawing in depth feedback per month, can invite guests and more, read more on our prices page on our Website .
Referral Program: We have a Program that gives you 25% of whatever your friends, colleagues, staff members and family will ever pay anywhere in the World.
Our models are Paid £20/h + 1/2 the donation you give, which hopefully can reach £40/h for those you’d want to draw again and again. None of our models have to pay to work and never will, please stay away from those who exploit them. We now help them start their own in person classes Locally. We always pay them the next day after all donations have been given and ask for an invoice (Blank invoice provided). Please never forget that the reason why we originally started the Life Drawing Big Bang was because of dreadfully treated and paid Life models, everything was becoming digital, Artists were running out of good happy models and classes were closing down all over. In 2004 we trippled their wages, made classes cost 1/3, and were running up to 12 classes a week all over the city in Pubs before the smoking ban and Offices, square, squats, empty buildings, Parks for the first time, churches, Boats, simply anywhere where no one has drawn before… A new industry was then born in the UK, then France, grew bigger in the US and Worldwide. Now doing the same, going further, but online and helping in person classes everywhere whenever we can.
Life model, Volunteer models, Artists, Art teachers or people who want to improve/planning a painting should email me for a chat at eukart at msn.com.
All our classes show on our home page at thelifedrawingnetwork. com
Tony James

The Life Drawing Network

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