The Art of Feeling: Abstract Expression Art Workshop

The Art of Feeling is an abstract art workshop focusing on the expression of creating in the moment, using our feeling as inspiration. We are open to to any and all levels of art experience. Whether you have never painted or are an advanced artist, you are welcome.
Creation can be a living process. In this workshop we will practice active abstraction, being guided by in-the-moment feeling and expression. We will go over some techniques, brush stroke styles, and methods of expression.
In This Space:
We will have Closed Captions should you want or need them.
Feel free to leave your camera on, ask questions, or share your work if you want during the workship. But also, there is nothing wrong with leaving your camera off and following along in privacy. You are encouraged to share and be involved but you do not have to.
Understand we do not critique one anothers work unless asked for.
Please remain muted unless you are asking a question, you are sharing your work, or we are in open discussion.
Please be respectful of others.
Please let’s not gatekeep what is or is not art. All Art is Art.
We will not tolerate any derogatory comments during the workshop.
Recommended Supplies
Liner Brush
Fan Brush
Round Brush
Comb Brush
Filbert Brush
Flat Brush
Angle Brush
3 inch Flat Brush
Paint Palette
Canvas Board (bring an additional canvas or paper for practicing techniques)
A Selection of Acrylic Paint (Red,Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Black, White, and any additional colours you wish)

All recommended supplies for the Workshop are available on my Amazon Storefront.
(We may make money from any purchases made on the Storefront)

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