Monday Mindful Still Life : Evening Session

Join us every Monday for a table top journey into the world of the miniscule and the minute- relax your mind and find your peaceful place.
A great guided drawing session for all levels of ability – all you need is a pencil or pen, paper and something small and interesting to draw. We will run through some simple drawing exercises with plenty of time to investigate, draw and chat. The perfect class to take your mind off things and inspire you to take a closer look at the small things around you.
Bring with you: Pencil/ Pen Paper Something small to draw- we recommend something organic like a piece or fruit/ garlic/ a leaf/ flower- but whatever you find interesting and on closer inspection has lots of detail to draw!

This is a contribution based session- please do make a contribution- this pays for us to run these sessions and keep them going!:

Your contributions are used solely to pay our tutors and yoga practitioners- We understand that you may not be able to make a contribution but please be honest with your circumstance. Our suggested contribution per class would be between £5-£10 per session- But if your circumstances genuinely mean this is unrealistic for you, you can make a contribution as low as £1.
Your contributions are always very gratefully received and allow us to keep sessions open access and supportive.

Please make your contribution here via Eventbrite- one you have made your contribution you will receive a confirmation email which contains your zoom log in –
Please look right down to the bottom of the email- and check your spam/ trash if you cant find the email. Also please make sure you are checking tje email account linked to your eventbrite account. If you make your contribution very late this may mean your log in email is delayed which could affect attending the class.
Once you have made your contribution you will be sent your Zoom link.
If you have any problems using eventbrite please do let us know – though we may not be able to reply to your email immediately
If you cannot use Eventbrite please do email us- we want you to come along to the class so we will help you!

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