SUNDAY Guided LIFE DRAWING from Home with Friends (FREE options)

Dear new creative friend,
At the Life Drawing Network we get everyone to draw more for less, so not just the young ones in big cities crowded in Person classes, but everyone from Young, less young, rich and the poor, able and disabled Online on zoom, everywhere together.
This Sunday session is the first of a weekly series of Life Drawing, Portrait drawing, Model auditions, Practice themes from Sunday to Wednesday (£5/ $7 a week or £10/$13 a class). Tony will guide you through for the first hour but will let you Practice what you’ve learned or remembered for the remaining hour. so he can also draw. Please keep your cameras On and any recording, image grabbing is prohibited. All classes are followed by drawing appreciation, feedbacks and recorded.
Our priority isn’t monetization, it is “you” and the expansion of this therapeutic Art around the globe since 2003, lead by one individual with in person remodeled, re-invented classes for 16 years in London UK, now Online for 2 globally, as seen on Tele, Radio, Press since 2005…
Whenever you join our Network at we soon create “in person” Art groups near you and ask those who can to write Powerpoint slides about what is happening in your area including what you are up to yourself that will be seen by millions one day hopefully. The same applies to the Life models we draw, teachers, Artists so time has come to start Drawing, Painting, Sculpting and networking again :).
This event is simply Free to those who help us with reviews , those who write powerpoint slides and those who want to forget about costs and automatically pay monthly £5/$7 a week, so they can then buy Free tickets from then. This also helps many influence their Art World with being able to donate to good models and Organizers… In addition to that, we let you buy one ticket and share it with your household or friends as one offs so free for up to 10 buddies. It is now possible to learn, progress, practice all day everyday for the cost of 2 classes a month with a target to reach.
Our USP is the fact that you can now Draw more, pay less and exhibit with us, until you become so good at it that you can even enter the Krypto Art World with our help using hundreds of recorded classes and events, shared tips on equipment and techniques with more and more options coming your way. You can also hire some of our recorded classes at any time to see if this could be the right avenue for you.
If you know of anyone isolated, in need of a therapeutic Hobby or with chronic illness/pain please invite them to . Front line Corvid Workers or people in bad shape don’t pay anything at all but need to get in touch at eukart at, same for future Life models wanting to audition on Monday completely Free on/off classes.
Frenglish Lifetime Portrait Artist, Photographer, Arty Builder, Scrabble man :), positive, based between London and Brighton UK, who loves People, Drawing and Drawing them.

The Life Drawing Network

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