Self Portraiture for Ecosexual Embodiment

Give us 4 months + you’ll fall in love with your unique body .
Rewrite the stories your body holds, learn the language of encoded memory, + work intentionally to craft a new reality where beauty is defined by what delights YOU.
Topics include : Inspiration, Somatics, Creativity, Ritual, Set Design, Composition, Storytelling, Gender, Sexuality + SO much more!
Q: What do I need to bring?
A: A journal to take notes, comfy layered clothes to adjust your temp, a water bottle, a snack, a private space to explore… anything else that would support you in listening + learning!
Q: If I’ve never done self portraits can I still come?
A: Yes! Absolutely, if you’re open to new experiences and willing to learn, we’re happy to have you! This experience is flexible, offering challenges to engage those who already have a confident grasp of photography, while being equally inviting for folks who are just getting started. This is the perfect place for creatives of all levels to co-mingle and learn from each other. We are all both students and teachers, always.
Q: What if I don’t have a camera?
A: No problem! If you have a smartphone, you have a camera!
Q: How do I get the 4th workshop for free?
A: If you sign up for the first 3 workshops, we’ll send you an email with a discount code for 100% off the 4th one! Make sure to wait to sign up for the 4th one so we can send you the discount code!
Q: What if I can’t attend the workshops on the designated days/times?
A: No worries if you can’t be there at the time of the workshop, they will all be recorded and emailed to everyone who signs up whether you attend live or not.
…is a queer agender ecosexual witch whose work honors the interconnectedness of creativity, exploration, self-discovery , + healing.
Their nude self-portraits + 35mm film double exposures have been shown in galleries across the country + published internationally. Bunny has facilitated creative healing community events since 2016 both in-person + online with the intention to elevate + support the community through honoring the sacred uniqueness of life + enabling experiences of love + openhearted connection with people of diverse backgrounds.
…is a queer, visionary artist + light alchemist on a quest to manifest the empathy utopia through somatic sorcery + community catharsis . Photography, + self-portraits in particular, was the catalyst for Lior, allowing them to shed society’s expectations + embrace their authentic self .
Lior has led workshops online + in person for 10+ yrs, bringing people together for transformative experiences through vulnerability, play, + deep embodiment . Their specialty lies in removing the barriers to creative expression/expansion .
(Where the above self portrait was taken)

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