ScrapVision Event

We are in a time of the year where everybdoy is doing vision board parties. Working together on creating your vison for the year and what youwould like to achieve.
This is a remix to cision board parties. For our party, we will use CANVA to design our ScrapVision. We will mix the joy of creativity with scrapbooking and the intention setting with vision boards.
The beauty about this remix is that we will focus on a year plan, quartterly plan, and however small you would like to go. You will also be able to add as many pages to your scrapvision throughouth the year. You can print this off and add it to an actual scrapbook if ever you want!
During this sessoin you will:
* Set intetntion around your year at a glance
* Sharpen your skills via CANVA
* Get in touch with your creative side
*Create and define the life you are meant to live
*Network and meet likeminded people
*Enjoy yourself

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