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Have you always wanted to try narrative Longform? Have you been told that you need lots of experience to even try? Do you want to learn to create engaging and exciting stories?
Then this is the course for you!
I believe that it is a myth that you need lots of improv experience to learn narrative longform. I don’t think you need to take lots of classes and climb up the levels before you can do it. I believe we are all natural born storytellers. So come and join me as we dip our toes in the exciting world of narrative longform.
Together we will explore :
Take your improv to the next level with this exciting 6 week course.

Starting on Sunday 22nd January
7:30pm – 9:00pm GMT
Class size limited to 8
Love Improv Concession tickets:
The Love Improv Concession rate is 50% off the normal ticket price and is open to anyone who needs it ❤️
There will be no need to explain why you need the concession rate just select the Love Improv ticket when you’re booking.
Life can be hard and improv can be a real life line. I want you in my class, I want to improvise with you and I want you to have fun.
So whenever you need it the Love Improv Ticket is there ❤️❤️❤️
About Katy:
Katy Bateson has been an improviser for 16 years and set up her own improvisation company, We Are Improv, in Lancaster in 2011. We Are Improv have performed all over the UK including at Improv Fest Ireland, ImproFest UK and the Bristol Improv Festival.
Katy has trained with Pgraph (The Hideout Theatre, Austin Texas), Jason Chin (iO, Chicago), Rich and Rebecca Sohn (Annoyance Theatre, Chicago), The Maydays (Brighton, London) and Keith Johnstone.
Katy specialises in narrative long form focusing on improvised plays. Past shows that Katy has created and performed in include ‘The Nearly Famous Five’ an improvised Enid Blyton show and ‘Four Walls’ a 50 minute monoscene with 3 actors who have to finish the show when the onstage time hits 00:00.
Student feedback:
“Katy is an amazing teacher for improv. She managed to get people out of their comfort zone and utilise their creativity.”
Josh – We Are Improv student

“Without Katy’s help and faithin me I would never have carried on with drama and theatre.
Her faith in my abilities has stuck with me through the years and kept me going with drama.”
Samuel – We Are Improv student

“Katy is a very experienced teacher and comes highly recommended! Katy’s innovative teaching style creates a special atmosphere in class that nurtures and supports complete beginners to transition to long form.”
Dean – We Are Improv student

From £49.10
We Are Improv

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