New Year – Full Moon – Vision Boarding Circle Online

Come along to this one off event under the powerful light of the first full moon in 2023.
During this camera on interactive session, you will use a gentle meditation to consider what you want to step towards or welcome into your life in 2023.
After your meditation, you will work to identify your unique core values and be guided towards creating a Vision Board which can cover any areas of your life that you wish manifest and welcome change into during this New Year.
To finish, you will be invited to share your work with the circle, should you wish to – an act of truly putting out to the universe what you would like to attract.
You will need to have some magazines or printed images available for using on your vision board. Start collecting the things you are attracted to; they may come in handy on the night. You can often find magazines on marketplace, freebies in supermarkets and in charity shops too.
You will need to have somewhere to create your vision board – a journal or a large sketch pad is ideal. However, you can also do this digitally should you wish using an app like canva or adobe express (I am not affiliated with these products).
Paint and pens are also useful for adding detail to your board and making it come alive…
Please do email me or contact me via socials @soulcreativecircle should you wish to know anything further.
See you there,
Liz x
Journaling is a reflective, personal practice that can open you up to all manner of possibilities. 
At Soul Creative Circle, I am to provide you with a safe space in which you feel held, heard and empowered. Whilst it is lovely to share our ideas, stories and creations, there is never an obligation to do this. Your work is for you and you alone. Should you want to share it, there is space to do so. What I do ask is that cameras are left on so that the circle feels secure. 
“But I’m not creative” I hear you say! 
You do not need to have any creative experience to join the circle. Believe me, when I began journaling I had a pack of my daughter’s pencil crayons and a tatty magazine. The product was akin to something from a primary school project, but the process led to so much more!
Journaling and the process of reflections through creating had changed my life in so many ways. And now, I want to do that for others…

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