MTA Arts & Design: NYC's Great Underground Art Museum' Webinar

While New Yorkers often describe their subway system in less flattering terms like “broken escalators” or “Pizza Rat,” did you know that it contains a first-rate art museum comprised of works created in mosaic, terra cotta, bronze, glass, and mixed-media sculpture? It’s time to explore the underground MTA subway stations throughout the five boroughs, and the commissioned art pieces that make it one of the greatest free art galleries in the world.
Join New York Adventure Club as we get up close and personal with a selection of incredible art pieces created for the MTA Arts & Design, a program which has commissioned over 300 leading artists from near and far to create original, site-specific permanent artworks for New York City subway stations since 1985.
Led by Sylvia Laudien-Meo — art historian, museum educator, and NYC tour guide — this virtual journey around NYC’s subway systems will include:

Afterward, we’ll have a Q&A with Sylvia — any and all questions about subway art are welcomed and encouraged!
Can’t make it live? Don’t worry, you’ll have access to the full replay for one week !
See you there, virtually!

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About Sylvia
Sylvia Laudien-Meo is a freelance Art Historian who works in and around the city in various capacities, specializing on Modern and Contemporary art, with a strong focus on Public Art. She teaches art history at Fairleigh Dickinson University and has been working as a museum educator at MoMA, the Guggenheim and the Jewish Museum for over many years, engaging visitors in conversation based, interactive art experiences of permanent collections and changing exhibitions.
For the Municipal Art Society, UFT, Brandeis Univ., and private clients, she has been touring the city for over 20 years, exploring art and architecture, parks, neighborhoods and history. Working in various different capacities gives her a unique opportunity to make intriguing connections and weave together the complex perspectives that make out the tapestry of our fascinating city.
SLM holds a Masters Degree in Art History (with minors in History and American Studies) from the Joh. Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany, as well as a Tourism degree from the EST in Paris France.

“Loved the depth of knowledge of Sylvia, the terrific number of MTA artworks, but especially the extra images of other works – works that could have inspired the artist, or seem similar, plus the artist’s own progress, with examples before and after the MTA. Also loved the generous information on the fabricators. Learned so much!” -Alice
“I enjoyed learning about the process in which subway station is made and that it involves not only the artist but companies that help to produce the artwork.” -Cynthia
“I liked seeing subway Art that I haven’t visited yet. Learning how they are created and some of the context in which the artists work. Close-ups were especially effective.” -Grace
“Excellent visuals and knowledgeable speaker” -Margaret
“The presenter was really knowledgeable and the variety of locations and quality and quantity of photos was great.” -Roseanne
“Very interesting works, Sylvia was clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. She balanced her “tour” with questions and I was happily surprised by how thorough and enjoyable this was on the webinar platform rather than an actual foot tour. Perhaps even better as we covered more ground from the comfort of our own homes. My feet don’t hurt!” -Naomi
“Thought the speaker was well organized, knowledgeable, researched her subject thoroughly. Liked how other art attributed to the individual artist was also shown to get a complete picture of the artist and his work. So interesting and will be visiting the various stations to enjoy and appreciate the art up close.” -Mary
“Learned much more than I would ever know by going to the stations myself. The presenter was very personable and showed a genuine interest in the subject matter. She was highly educated in her field. Much more than I had expected. This was good.” -Helen
“So comprehensive and i could listen to silvia for hours! The depth of knowledge and amount of time she researches her presentations is incredible.” -Noelle
“The amount of information on the subject was amazing and incredibly accurate. I’m an avid history buff and I love anything about NYC.” -Michele
“Comprehensive overview of different artwork on the MTA system.” -Robert
“Sylvia’s passion for the art and appreciation of the beautification of the metro.” -Pamela
“She is wonderful and passionate about her subject, which definitely comes thru to us!” -Roselyn
“Very detailed. Nice selection of artwork in the subway stations.” -Elaine
“The pictures/name of author and location of the subway stop.” -Paula
“Many years ago I wrote about the new subway art in Brussels, and not so many years ago took a tour just as the MTA completed the first major art works in various stations. So I’m coming from experience and the very high standard of the MTA tour. This event was spectacular. Engrossing. Charming and informative. The narration was mined from a great depth of knowledge about the artists, their materials, and the source of their inspiration and the master artisans that made it possible. A wonderful presentation.” -Ina
“The commentator was extremely knowledgeable and informative. I enjoyed viewing all of the various art works and learning about the artists. This Webinar confirms that NYC has some of the greatest works of art, and anyone can enjoy them for free!” -Karen
“I loved her way of connecting the themes in the artists’ works with themes of life and other artists and their works.” -Judith
“Huge range and variety of art and great background on the artisits.” -Carol
“I just watched the whole 90-min presentation of Art in the Subways. The event showed details of a wide range of artistic talent. I didn’t know there was so much! What was really outstanding was the commentary. Each artwork included notations about the artists, along with other samples of their works. Very impressive. FULL of things I’d never seen!! It was well worth the price, and then some!” -Linda
“This enthusiastic lecturer was able to cover a very large geographical area online, which a walking tour could not. She presented a superb collection of photos of the subway artworks, and the site-specific maps for each artwork’s location was especially useful.” -Harold
“Well organized and, albeit it took a bit to appreciate, the inclusion of “outside” information e.g. another work by the artist as well as info on the “maker”.” -Leon
“Lots of great slides and contextual artist info.” -Susan
“A chance to see the installations in the subways, seeing other works of the artists… seeing so much art in a short time, filled me with awe.” -Carol

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