An Evening With Photographer, Lucy Ridges

Lucy Ridges is a visual artist focussing on traditional film photography. She incorporates alternative processes such as hand colouring, cyanotype, and photopolymer gravure. Primarily photographing the body, her photographic practice is led by curiosity and experimentation.

Lucy says:

“The work I make is often inspired by the shapes and tones found in our natural world and cosmos. I am drawn to the tactile nature of the photographic processes I use, and the space they allow for experimentation, unpredictability and chance.

“Working with the body has always been an important element to my practice, the part that for me breathes life into the work. The body is my anchor, my blank canvas, my attachment to reality. Around it, I decorate, distort, experiment and play.

“Sometimes I photograph my own, but mostly I work with professional life models who I have a long-term working relationship with, so I can have the creative control behind the camera.”

For more on Lucy’s work:

Hexham Photography Group

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