Learn to Draw the 2D 64 Star Tetrahedron

The 64 Star Tetrahedron is the fundamental geometric pattern of our reality. There is so much incredible information contained within this shape. By drawing it, we can expand our consciousness and tap into Universal sources of intelligence. We will cover some of the remarkable aspects of the geometry before we get in to drawing. Mostly however, we will be drawing one of the most satisfying geometries there is to draw!
You can draw this amazing shape without any experience. You will need a compass, pencil, ruler and small eraser. 11″x14″ size paper is preferred but 8 .5″ x11″ will work. We will be drawing the ‘2D’ version – as shown above in the event post. Please familiarize yourself with using your compass prior to the class!
*Nadi Hana is an artist, teacher and geometrist sharing the esoteric and metaphysical teachings of Sacred Geometry on multiple platforms. She hosts on-line drawing workshops, classes and private sessions. Her offerings include drawing technique and practice, as well as personalized interpretation of how the fundamental patterns can support your multi-sensory well being.


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