Awakening Through Altar Practice & Expressive Arts

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Altar building is an ancestral, spiritual, and ceremonial practice that has been integral to most cultures and spiritual traditions across time and remains so to this day. Altars can be a place of meeting and invocation, a symbolic space to express gratitude and honor. They can support us in setting intentions, providing us with a spiritual location to give offerings and express our deepest heart desires. They can also be a place where we can meet ourselves and our biggest feelings of pain, grief, longing, and despair while also creating a sense of respite and the feeling of being part of something larger than us.

Artist, expressive arts psychotherapist, and astrologer Mireya Alejo Marcet developed a practice called “Altar Creation – A Canvas in Movement” that offers diverse applications to connect with our interior life and the sacred through the creation of altars. In this workshop, Mireya shares how she developed this practice through the influence of her own Mexican heritage, expressive arts therapy, her work as a painter, and guidance received in ceremonial practices.

Over the two-day workshop, participants travel through an internal and creative journey of connection, inspiration, and expression with the purpose of igniting and inviting healing, insight, and transformation. Mireya guides participants through the main practice of altar creation and invites you to explore concepts from expressive arts therapy such as: symbols, the imaginal realm, metaphors, endowing, and more that will enrich and deepen the relationship between us and our creations. Participants also explore creating an altar space as a place to anchor and inhabit more fully our inner life’s many textures. Mireya invites you to gather personal objects, art materials, and/or craft materials to create a personal altar. This can be as small or rich as you want and/or life permits.

Join Mireya for this unique and inspiring experiential workshop exploring altar practice and expressive arts and the many valuable applications of this work.

Mireya Alejo Marcet, MA, MFT, is a Mexican woman who has lived in California for the past 22 years and offers her work locally and internationally. She is an artist, expressive arts psychotherapist, astrologer, and Grof Holotropic Breathwork facilitator. Her therapeutic and teaching work is informed by her experiences and training with “Curanderas” (medicine women) in Mexico as a social anthropologist, almost three decades of work with expanded states of consciousness, as well as the expressive arts, ceremonial practices and the astrological chart as tools for soul’s expression, healing and transformation. She is the creator of “Altar Creation – A Canvas in Movement,” a practice that offers diverse applications to connect with our interior life and the sacred through the creation of altars. She also developed an integrative practice weaving Holotropic Breathwork, expressive arts, sacred practices, and work with the natural world for the integration of expanded states of consciousness. She facilitates regular expressive arts women’s circles online and in retreat.

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