Introduction to the Tamalpa Life Art Process® with Lian Wilson RSMT/ RSME

This participatory Live Online one day Tamalpa workshop with Lian Wilson, RSMT/RSME is an opportunity to connect and explore your body’s own creative Intelligence using our approach to movement based expressive arts.
A mixture of Somatic Movement, Mark making/Drawing and Creative Writing.  The day is a time to pause, to breathe & to move with creative curiosity.
The workshop also acts as an introduction to the Tamalpa Life Art Process®, a body of work spanning over 40years.
Participants will gain insight into specific tools to discover how creativity, movement and dance can be a platform for navigating the compelling issues and themes in their lives. For participants who already have their own Tamalpa practice it is an opportunity to continue and deepen ones own Tamalpa life/art practice, with the added gift of witness insights.
Participants will have the opportunity to:
Lian Wilson, RSMT/ RSME Creative Director at Tamalpa UK will be guiding participants through this movement based expressive arts session online.
No art or dance experience is necessary to attend. The online workshop is open to all levels of experience.
Please note the majority of activities will be away from the screen and in ones own home environment to explore the guided movement and creative explorations. Participants will not sit in front of their screens for any longer than 45mins – 1 hour at any one time.
What do I need for this event?
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Participant’s Poem:
Breathe and be present,
breathe and feel the
earth underneath your feet.
Breathe and feel the
air filling your lungs.
Just in this moment-
Open your eyes!
Breathe and believe-
This is your
To be
About Lian Wilson, RSMT/RSME Creative Director of Tamalpa UK
Lian is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist RSMT and Registered Somatic Movement Educator RSME with ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association) A Tamalpa Practitioner and Dancer. Lian is the Creative Director of Tamalpa UK and an internationally respected Tamalpa teacher.
Her primary interest and passion is in the development of health and wellbeing in individuals and diverse communities through the participation and education of the benefits of dance and somatic movement based expressive arts, notably through the Tamalpa Life Art Process ®.
She was an Assistant Researcher at the Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health, Canterbury Christ Church University, supporting research into the benefits of Dance and Dementia and Dance for Falls Prevention.
In her personal & professional life Lian draws upon her love of movement, creativity, nature and ongoing daily practice of living and sustaining a healthy life.

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