INTENTION – Anchoring in the New Year with Zentangle Inspired Art

This is a donation based class. I don’t want cost to be a barrier to entry for anyone. For those who have the funds available, the suggested donation is $33.
Online Zoom Class
If you can write your name you can take this course!
You want to set an intention for the New Year. You want to use your creativity to anchor in your goals. You want to practice mindfulness, express yourself and have fun!
Intention setting is a great way to clearly state what you would like to experience or achieve with your actions. By making a keepsake piece of art, you get to really focus on the intention. You can display the piece of art to serve as a reminder or to use in a regular mindfulness practice.
You will choose a word or phrase that inspires you through challenging times. This word or phrase serves as a reminder of what you are working towards in your life.
Using the word or phrase you have chosen, you will make a beautiful visual keepsake that you can display in a place that you will see often. Some great places are a bathroom mirror, fridge door, altar or other sacred space where you meditate often.
Combining intention setting with exploring your creativity has so many benefits!
Some of my favorites include:
~increase sense of presence (being in the now moment)
~expand feelings of gratitude
~relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety
~gain perspective and increase self-awareness
~enhance problem solving/critical thinking skills
~learn how to draw beautiful designs!
Gather Your Art Supplies
You will only need the following 4 tools, however, feel free to use whatever pens, colored pencils or markers you have and are your favorite colors:
-3.5″ white square tile by Zentangle Inc. (you can use any durable white paper (such as sketch pad, watercolor or mixed media art paper) that you will cut to similar dimensions ( 3.5 inches square) – really any paper will do in a pinch!)
-black pen/marker of your choice, such as Micron 01, PN or Pigma 05 (you can use any pens/markers you have)
-graphite pencil (HB lead works well)
-blending stump / tortillon (you can even use a Q-tip or your finger)
All of these supplies are suggested. Even with a scrap of paper and ballpoint pen you can practice this art form. Don’t let supplies stop you. Come, bring what you have and enjoy the process!

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