Fundamentals of Therapeutic Art Making – Learn How to Facilitate!

Are you a mental health professional, artist, coach or teacher interested in utilizing creativity in your practice, but are not ready to invest thousands of dollars into another training or degree?
Do you ever wish for expert advice and guidance on how to facilitate meaningful art making sessions with your clients, but aren’t sure where to start?
I feel you.
Art is our most primitive form of self-expression and communication. I believe everyone should have tools for accessing our inner creative genius, which is exactly why I created this training.
I have a master’s degree in art therapy and over 10 years of experience in utilizing art in mental health.
If you are ready to start using the transformational powers of therapeutic art making in your practice, I am here to offer expert art therapist advice on how to do it.
Personal Growth
*Materials not included. A basic set of art materials is required for this training: oil pastels, journal, magazines, scissors, glue stick, colored pencils, markers, acrylic paint, paint brushes, self-hardening clay, canvas, and Bristol paper or watercolor paper. Precise list will be provided upon sign-up.
Please be advised that this is not an “art therapy” course or training. Art therapy is a mental health profession that requires a master’s degree education, involves extensive supervision, training and education that could not be covered in 2 days.
$350 for both days Feb 25th & 26th, 2023
Cancellation Policy This training is non-refundable, however it is transferable to another training date or service.
Who is this course for?
This course is for artist, teachers, therapists, counselors, healers, life-coach, retreat facilitators or anyone interested in learning more about the therapeutic and healing powers of art in their life or practice.
Does this course give me the education I need to become an art therapist?
No. Art therapy is a mental health profession that requires a master’s degree education, involves extensive supervision, training and education that could not be covered in 2 days. However, this course can help mental health professionals make more informed, ethical, and effective decisions when using art within their scope of practice.
Do I have to be good at making art?
Absolutely not. This training requires no formal artistic training.
Feel free to email me at and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Banksy says: Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. Ella embodies this quote. In the two day training, she guided me through my discomfort with compassion, non judgement and curiosity. As a therapist I know the greatest learning happens at the edge of discomfort but when it comes to creating art my inner critic is loud and judgy. With Ella’s gentle and direct facilitation and encouraging the group to support each other, that voice dimmed and she gave us permission to play and experiment with ease. If you are looking to hone your therapeutic art facilitation skills, this training is a must!
– Inez Tiger
Sometimes on your journey through healing you encounter people who add value to your experience. Ella is someone who creates an environment for people to feel safe, seen, heard, and supported. I had the opportunity to take her training for therapeutic art making. Our group learned hands on the fundamentals of group facilitating art as therapy. If you are someone who learns experientially then this training is for you. After the training I feel empowered and excited to utilize what I have learned so I can share this gift with others! Thank you Ella for sharing your heart with all of us.
— Alexandra Yadgaroff
This workshop was, simply put, amazing. Ella’s leadership created a natural and comfortable atmosphere that encouraged the participants to join together and openly share our stories. I felt connected through art and relationship. I found the workshop beautifully welcoming to those like me who have very little formal/technical art training but still want to learn how to use art in my line of work (as a Marriage and Family Therapist) and in my personal life. I would highly encourage other therapists and healers to participate in one of Ella’s workshops to experience first-hand how powerfully healing art is.
— Cassandra Cacace

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