Body Love Sketch Club: HAPPY NUDE YEAR – LIFE DRAWING (online)


No punitive new year’s resolutions here, join us in welcoming in 2023 the Body Love Sketch Club way: with art, playfulness, community, compassion, and a wonderful array of glorious bodies! This event is a bumper edition version of our regular online life drawing class, with additional activities to help you connect with your body and your creativity, and to launch you into 2023 feeling inspired to spend it loving, accepting, and celebrating the brilliant wonder that you are.
Body Love Sketch Club is a life drawing class with a twist, in which you can choose to pose and be celebrated, as well as to draw, while exploring ways of coming to love and accept ourselves a little more unconditionally! Classes are a joyful, and tender tonic to feeling disconnected from ourselves and from one another, a celebration of bodies in all their (optionally naked) glory, and a place to express our creativity, freely and playfully, without shame or judgment.
All bodies, artistic capabilities and confidence levels welcome.
UK: 1830-2030 (GMT)
US: 1330-1530 (EST)
AU: 0530-0730 (AEST)
EU: 1930-2130 (CET)
If you’re in a timezone not listed here, use this timezone converter to check the timings for you.
For this online class, we warmly invite you to Zoom in from the comfort of your own home. Please make sure you have Zoom downloaded onto the device you”ll be joining from. We will email you the link 24 hours before the event.
Please bring something to draw on, and something to draw with (and maybe a cup of tea!), and set yourself up somewhere comfy, with a good internet connection.
Ticket pricing is pay what you can afford. We suggest a donation of £12 , but you are welcome to pay less if you’re low on funds, or more if you want to support what we do and help us keep it accessible to those on lower incomes. (And thank you for supporting us, and helping us to keep running these classes, and making them as affordable as possible for everyone!)
Inclusivity, safety, respect, confidentiality and consent are fundamental principles of Body Love Sketch Club sessions and all attendees are expected to uphold them. The organisers reserve the right to ask anyone to leave should their behaviour be deemed to be inappropriate.
‘Today I got to experience human connection, compassion, creativity, kindness, vulnerability, and nakedness in an environment free of shame, guilt, judgement and stigma. The incredible Rosy and Ruby are the funniest and friendliest people and their passion for what they do is so tangible.’
‘Thank you for this morning’s session. It’s the first time I’d done anything like this, and I found the whole experience so welcoming and positive and inclusive. What an amazing space you’ve created – thank you so much – hope to see you again soon.’
‘You do so much more than help people with their body image, you help in healing the past and building a wondrously naked and confident future.’
‘Beautifully held life drawing where you are invited to sit as well as sketch – revealing no more than you choose – but doing so in celebration of all the glory of bodies. Silly and moving and classy AF.’
‘A life drawing class like no other where everybody is truly good enough and the only goal is to love the bodies you see and love the way you draw them, however that may be.’
‘A truly welcoming space for creativity and self-expression.’
‘Thank you so much for this beautiful space – to the other models, and Rosy and Ruby, and everyone else. It always makes me smile to be here but especially today.’

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