Fighting Extinction: A Hawai’ian Journey / Climbing the Schachen

Live Location: Lady Lisa Sainsbury Lecture Theatre, Jodrell Gate, Kew Gardens, Richmond TW9 3DS
Cecily Eltringham – Fighting on the Frontlines of Extinction: A Hawai’ian Journey.

Cecily is a third year Kew Diploma Student whose horticultural career began on a whim during a year out from university, when she decided to spend some time volunteering in gardens. This quickly became a passion and led to a two-year apprenticeship at Hyde Park after completing her degree. Her core area of interest is how a garden can bring together both cultural aspects and scientific research.

This lecture will focus on Cecily’s travel scholarship to the island of Kaua’i in Hawai’i. This time was divided between ex situ conservation work at the National Tropical Botanical Garden, and in situ restoration work in the Limahuli Valley. Cecily will share some of the exciting experiences and insights she gained during this trip.

Vicki Thompson – Climbing the Schachen: exploring the Alpine Garden and Munich Botanic Gardens
Vicki is a third year Kew Diploma Student whose interests include alpines, aquatic plants, carnivorous plants, and ferns. Initially trained as a Maths teacher, Vicki volunteered for the National Trust at Dunham Massey before joining the Kew Apprenticeship in 2018. During her apprenticeship, she completed a Travel Scholarship working with alpine plants in Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Ben Lawers National Nature Reserve and Tromso Botanic Garden.
During 2022 Vicki completed a Travel Scholarship as part of the Kew Diploma, exploring the flora in the Alpine Garden on the Schachen and spending time in the Munich Botanical Garden. This lecture will draw on these experiences, including seeing the propagation area for the Schachen and the carnivorous plant collections, as Vicki shares her experiences and insights from this trip, which links to her chosen dissertation topic, growing carnivorous plants without peat.
Photo credit: Vicki Thompson

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