Drawing Out Your Feelings – Turn Your Thoughts and Emotions into Tangible

This service is for women only, a private class.
Using drawing you will be invited to extract what cannot be seen.
This could be your inner feelings, thoughts, emotions, experiences, challenges, successes, memories, hopes or dreams.
Each session will be unique, entirely tailored according to your quest.

Materials needed: minimum 1 rubber, 1 pencil and paper…and more if you have, off course :)) … :))
A note on fees: It will be up to you (it is your private class). I have set up 3 fees each based on 3 different approaches:
1/ £7.00 – helpful, for low income
2/ £16.00 – own minimum wage
3/ £25 – helpful towards your teacher/me so that I may help others with lesser income
Class duration: 1.30mns
Following are a few examples related to ‘Drawing Out Your Feelings’….part of my own practice.
For my credit, I may say that as a teacher commited to creativity and helping others to connect with their own personal creativity, this path birthed an history of having had the joy to teach well above 20 000 people to date. A realisation made 3 years ago while reassessing my own life.

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