Creating An Inspiring Work Environment x Tam Orlando of Reclaim Your Space

We are excited to announce the return of our Tuesday Night Think Tank with the multi-talented, multi-passionate Tam Orlando on Tues., 1/31, at 7 PM !
Tam is the creator of Reclaim Your Space , a shame-free, judgement-free community supporting clearing clutter to open up the flow in your home and in your life.
In this deep dive, Tam will focus on the untapped power of a reimagined workspace. You are more deeply connected to your work environment than you might realize. With care, your office or at-home workspace can be a source of inspiration, a nourishing environment that supports productivity and focus, and a canvas for your creative expression, reconnecting you with what you love!
Meet the Speaker
Tam is a lover, care-giver, and seeker by nature and interior designer, writer, and yogi by trade.
Her current work catalyzes powerful shifts in the tangible world by shining a gentle light of awareness on the connections between self and body, body and home, and home and life.
Her classes, retreats, experiences, writing, and speaking engagements inspire people to release shame and discover permission for a new, beautiful, truer self-expression to shine through.
Learn more about Tam’s virtual clutter clearing community sessions here .

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