Bilateral Drawing Club (January)

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All sessions are 30 minutes long, and online (Zoom).
With a monthly membership you will have access to all sessions each month (from the moment that you register). Come to all of them, or just some. Whatever works for you!
I’ve added a bunch of information to my Bilateral Drawing Club website page (including tips for setting up your space, and prompts for before, during and after your drawing sessions).
Registration is now BY DONATION rather than a flat rate. Suggested donation is $25-$45/month…. but please just pay whatever works for you, no expectation, no judgement. It’s important to me that this practice & this community be accessible.
You can join ANYTIME throughout the month, and attend as many or as few sessions as you like. From the moment you register you will have access to ALL remaining sessions each month.
At its most basic, Bilateral Drawing is drawing with both hands. But it’s also a way to access FLOW, to attend to our nervous system health, to process difficult interactions, feelings, emotions, memories. It’s a space that we can create for ourselves to allow for integration ….of our experiences of thought, emotion, and body. Of all of the things we’re learning, unlearning, feeling, experiencing, avoiding, holding.
It can be as simple as focusing in on breath, music, and moving our hands and arms …getting out of our thinky brains and focusing in on the materials that we’re holding and using. The ways they look, sound, and feel. And it can be SO MUCH MORE than that.
This is a space and practice for those who are wanting to BUILD a practice …that’s creative, intentional, integrative, and regenerative. A way of supporting ourselves, IN community.
It can be hard to start new habits and routines on our own …even when we really WANT to do them. This club …this community…. offers up some supportive accountability, knowing that there will be other faces and bodies showing up on specific days and times – to draw together. Sharing space in the ways that we can, and intention around carving out some time to make marks, move our bodies, express, process… create some ease.
Bilateral drawing is such a beautiful tool and resource for accessing and connecting our (whole) brain and body… through rhythm, repetition, and drawing with both hands. To let go of WHAT we’re making & just MAKE marks. It’s a way that we can express and explore what we’re feeling – release it, give shape to it, allow it to transform. It’s a place to put it, and sit with it, without needing to intellectualize it. Without needing to make sense of it. But instead just allowing ourselves to feel what we feel.
AND, a minimum of any ONE of the following types of drawing materials (you are of course welcome to try working with a combination of materials):

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