ARTIST'S VOICE – Winter 2023 Speakers Series

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Landscape Time and Place
April will speak about three bodies of work that explore the ideas of long-term observation and recording. Through her work in both photography and video she explores notions of the natural environment and notions of our relationship to green spaces.
As a lens-based artist and teacher, April has mined the distinctions between personal and public sites through film, video, photography, and installation. A dedicated environmentalist she is interested in our relationship to wilderness in urban culture, land stewardship, and sustainability.

Travelling and Growing as an Artist and an Elder Later in Life
Janice will speak about her upcoming book, Meeting Myself Anew: On Becoming an Artist Later in Life and describe her innovative “Workshops in Wild Places.” These workshops in remote places facilitate a contemplative and creative process to help artists deepen their connection to the earth and then translate their response into abstract paintings.
As an established artist of 40 years, Janice has shared her knowledge through art programs and workshops in Canada, the U.S., and Europe. She inspires artists to respond to the environmental crisis in a new way: rather than pessimism and arguments, finding what nature means to our spirit, the love of it.

Penelope will speak about recurrent themes in her work: notions of cultural memory, time and space, and the relationship between objects, architecture, landscape and the places between—places to intervene, inhabit and activate. Her intention is to create sensory spaces, haptic experiences, transforming our perceptions and possible readings of space, time and memory.
Penelope is an artist, curator/writer and publisher whose multi-disciplinary practice encompasses expansive architectural installations/interventions, alternative photography, and works on paper with deep roots in print culture.

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