There’s Still Life Yet in Still Life

How we think about things, about persona objects, tells us a lot about our relationship with the world and our efforts to make sense of it all. The artistic depiction of Still life is not just nature morte (dead nature), but a living form which can resonate with memory and the vibrancy of contemporary life. For centuries the genre languished at the bottom of the academic hierarchy-somehow less valued for the absence of the human face. Cindy Polemis invites you to look at the overlooked and celebrate the special affinities of still life. In our accelerated world, still life enables us to slow down and to pay attention to everything that is silent and small.
Please note this is delivered as a hybrid lecture. Should you live close to Richmond, London, please feel free to join us in person at:
The Richmond Library Annexe, Quadrant Rd, Richmond TW9 1DH

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