The Power of Presence with Purpose: A Life Lived From Soul

These are Wild Times we are living in. What I’m finding true for myself is a personal call to action to clarify the values that I choose to live by and go about living them with as much grace and gratitude as I can summon on a daily basis! Among my longstanding values are – living a life of purpose, reverence for the Earth and all her beings, and service to others through sharing my gifts. As a transformational coach, I specialize in harmonizing the relationships of our lives. With self and other, the Earth that we live within and the planet we live upon. We have a relationship with our creative longing, the stories that ache to be told! It took me years to find my voice as a solo theatre writer, performer and director. I splash a lot of paint on the canvas of my work and that’s who I am. I rejoice in your “I Am-ness” and I celebrate your humanness through my own. I know the strength of heart required to look into the face of relentless fears and inner demons. I can show you how to ‘invite your demons in for tea’ and disarm them with your love and compassion, an approach so radical you may forget they were so intimidating! May our connection serve to reassure you of the solid ground that is always there for you to land, the stars to shine the light on your way ahead and your own soul to guide you home to who you truly are.

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