Teen Creative Arts

***UPDATE: New schedule for Fall 2022! Starting OCTOBER 16, Teen Creative Arts will be meeting WEEKLY on SUNDAYS AT 6-7PM PST.***

Special Workshops Schedule:
11/6 – Songwriting for Wellness with X.ARI at WisdoMania Foundation
12/11 – Upcycling Art Workshop with Alysha
1/29 – TBD
2/26 – TBD

What is the Teen Creative Arts Group?
Teen Creative Arts Group is an online social group created for youth ages 13-18 who engage in the arts. The concept behind the group is to create an online art studio where teens will be able to form a community with like-minded creatives to draw inspiration from, encouragement, and socio-emotional support.
Each individual is expected to engage in their own form of art practice, ranging from all forms of art (painting, photography, creative writing, dance, videography, etc.). During each group meeting, teen group members are able to provide updates about their art-making, have opportunities to teach others about their craft, collaborate with their peers, and share their artworks.
We will also have 1-2 local artists hosting 1-hr classes or art workshops each month.

Meeting Information
All meetings will be facilitated by our My Good Brain Mental Health Ambassadors.
This is an open group that anyone can join throughout the year and from wherever they are in the US. All we ask is for your commitment in being part of this supportive, artistic, social community.
Plus, it’s FREE!

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