RE-member your inner colours, Creative workshop with M.O.M Colour eyes.

** NO artistic ability required **

“Man know thyself; then thou shalt know the Universe and God.”

In the M.O.M method we practice inner engineering and partswork with colour to call in our soul blueprint and remove the resistance between us and our greatest version, an evolved form of yoga meaning union.

In a never seen way we’ll be releasing the past, acknowledging the present and setting goals for the future, attuning to the inner vortex and Releasing our inner colour, Integrating the inner and outer and co-creating a personalised unique master piece and portrait Of our souls. All the same design, just different colours.

Besides sending high vibes to the whole self, you will walk away with a personalised snapshot and blueprint of your colourful soul and minds-eye, bringing harmony to the inner and outer realms and giving you a personalised mandala to honour your greatest version.

TOOLS to bring..

• Your choice of colouring medium, paints, pens, pencils, collage, whatever feels right for you or what you have available. There is no right or wrong.

• Your choice of Canvas, art board, paper, card, again there is no right or wrong, use what you work best with or what you have available.

Benefits …

• Attune to Source and universal life-force energy.
• Release the past, acknowledge the present and set goals for the future.
• Expand your spiritual heart.
• Integrate the inner to outer.
• Awaken your life purpose.
• Retrieve your parts.
• Acknowledge your inner guidance.
• A 360 degree review helps you wake up in your life.
• Helps you re-member your true Self.
• Shed light on your life path and how to embrace it with clarity.
• Release, Charge and expand the entire energy system.

About M.O.M
Born in 1988 Marc-Oliver shares the same hometown as the late Artists Cedric Morris and Arthur Lett-Haines as well as the very current Maggi Hambling, Hadleigh in suffolk.

Country boy with a heart for animals he is also a keen horseman, spending his spare time from age 8 between the yards of what was Frenchs Farm and Benton End.

Marc-Oliver is best known as the conceiver and teacher of M.O.M Colour Eyes Portraits that came in with a whirlwind in 2019, spinning both a positive and negative twist of duality to many private collections around the world.

Visionary Portraits by M.O.M
View Marc-Olivers gallery and you will get an idea of how powerful, inspiring, and multi-dimensional each portrait is! Each Portrait is an intuitive painting revealing aspects of your true spirit through vibrant colour and energy patterns on canvas, past, future, present, dark, light and Aura, specialists calling it the human psyche, the energy of Kali, Shiva and the third eye when upside-down.
” This tool and M.O.M’s methods are dedicated to RE-membering our creative side and the Devine. Calling for Mommers colours to rise, With M.O.M Colour Eyes.”


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