Photography Workshop with Nubar Alexanian

This workshop is for intermediate & advanced photographers who want to build, edit & sequence a strong portfolio or body of work.
Whether you’re working on a long-term project, building a portfolio or publishing a book, finding a cohesive thread in your work is essential. Which are the best photographs? How should they be sequenced and what’s the best way to help your work mature?
Over the five decades I’ve been photographing and teaching, what I’ve learned is that when you’re passionate about a subject and willing to give it the time it requires, it will tell you it’s secrets including everything you need to know about how to photograph it: your choice of camera, the lenses you’ll need and whether to shoot in color or black & white.
In this workshop, you will gain important perspective on the editing process as you work to refine your own portfolio, including seeing what your work is asking for by analyzing your own work, and the work of others. This is what we will focus on together. We’ll also explore how sequencing and context can alter the power and meaning of images. Our goal is for you to leave this workshop with greater insight and confidence in the direction of your own work and capture the attention of editors and publishers.
Share 20 images from the body of work you are working on and up to 10 photos you hoped would work but don’t.

Topics we will cover:

10:00 am to 5:00 pm on January 14th. These one day, interactive classes are limited to 8 photographers. Tuition is $195 with a student discount of $175 (use code Student).

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Additional Virtual Mentorship Available
The photographers Nubar works with individually have different backgrounds, skillsets, challenges and goals. Which is why this mentorship is meant to reflect YOU and YOUR work, all on your own schedule. Individual guidance will help move you more fully toward your full potential as a photographer, making work that is exciting, genuine and true to you.
When you choose to work privately with Nubar you will be spending time engaged in a professional, one-on-one process where consultations will be tailored to fit your professional goals.
For more information contact nubar:

“In a world where everyone can be a photographer, it is more and more challenging to know what makes a great photograph. Nubar is exceptional in his remarkable insight to see exactly where you are at in your photographic journey and guide you toward what it is you want to communicate through your work. I am deeply grateful for all that I learned from working with Nubar.” –Millicent Harvey, Palm Springs, CA
“I had the privilege of being part of a small group of select professional photographers who worked with Nubar on our personal projects for almost 10 years. He understood exactly what was needed to bring our work to the next level. I owe much of my current success as a photographer to the critique group led by Nubar.” –Tsar Fedorsky, Gloucester, MA
”I can name only a small handful of photographers now plying their trade who share Nubar’s passion (for his craft and his subjects) while at the same time retaining what amounts to an unswerving commitment to ”pure photojournalism,” a style of reportage in the finest documentary tradition.” David Friend, Former Director of Photography, Life Magazine
”I believe we, reportage photographers of the human condition, have a moral duty to get as close as we can to the people we photograph and to draw attention to all the dignity in the world, as Nubar Alexanian has managed to do so well in this book (Stones In The Road: Photographs of Peru). It gave me immense pleasure to see my Latin-American people portrayed with so much tenderness.” Sebastiao Salgado


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