Manifest the Life You Want

Let’s get physical! Become your own healer! Learn how to work with the healing energy of the Angels. Discover what is working in your life and asking what brings you Joy? Taking a look at your environment, physical health, sleep, and diet. We will work with Muscle testing/ kinesiology and how to vibrationally change energy to support your physical health.
Get the mental picture. Change your thoughts and change your life. Take a look at what our thoughts have created. We will change the course of your life through prayer, the power of intention, forgiveness, and affirmations.
Create a Jeannie and make your wishes- What is your intention that you want to create? Get clear about what you want to create and release anything that is stopping you. We will use the visualization process to put our imagination to work. Learn how to create with the assistance of Archangel Orien in the five-step manifestation process.

On Sale Jan 10 at 11:11 AM

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