let's make ABSTRACTION inspired art

*Getting inspired by Etel Adnan, Mark Rothko and Agnes Martin on abstraction
*Feeling good to practise creativity

An hour of a virtual workshop with guided warm-up prompts on creating abstraction inspired by Etel Adnan, Mark Rothko and Agnes Martin.
Etel Adnan came to painting by poetry. Poetry is one line at a time while painting is a whole thing on paper, canvas or show. She was known for her vibrantly coloured, abstracted renditions of mountains, ocean, and sky.
Mozart’s music is central to Mark Rothko’s aesthetic – he became a painter because he wanted to raise painting to the level of the poignancy of music and poetry.
Every day for 20 years, Agnes Martin would sit and ask herself what she was going to do next, that was how she asked for inspiration. She had a vacant mind in order to do what the inspiration calls for.
In this session, you will be given options to apply the key characteristics of Etel Adnan, Mark Rothko, and Agnes Martin, have your own interpretation of abstraction and gain confidence in your chosen material.

Papers in the size of postcards, oil pastels, colour pencils, markers, pens, scissors, paint, glue, coloured paper or any materials you will like to experiment with in this session.

Jaime Hoe, Artist/ Design Sprint Facilitator. Her style of facilitation is to empower individuals to think differently and create art in a safe space.

Zoom link will be emailed 2 days prior to the event. Another camera will be used to demonstrate drawing.

“Abstract art was the quivalent of poetic expression; I didn’t need to use words, but colours and lines. ” – ETEL ADAN
“If you are only moved by colour relationships, you are missing the point. I am interested in expressing the big emotions – tragedy, ecstasy, doom.” – MARK ROTHKO
“When I think of art, I think of beauty. Beauty is the mystery of life. It is in the mind, not in the eye. In our minds, we have an awareness of perfection that leads us on.” – AGNES MARTIN

The attendees commented the process was inspiring, mindful and therapeutic.

Art is for everyone.

NB: Register 30 minutes (or more) before the workshop starts time.

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