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What is art?

Art is the sensitive expression of the human being through physical, sound or linguistic resources. The objective of the different artistic disciplines is to express emotions, ideas, sensations, and perceptions of the real or the imaginary. A work of art can also be a reflection of the social and emotional context of individuals and even entire peoples. An example of this could be the artistic representation of the Mexican revolution in Mexican art with proponents such as Frida Kahlo and her popular art.

In addition to the more traditional fine arts courses, including drawing lessons and painting classes, today you can also take digital art and design courses and discover how to turn your artistic eye into a competitive career in graphic design, or learn how to create your own personalized online art gallery. From classic oil painting, to art website design, to art activism employed by artists like Keith Haring in the 1980s, art studio opens up a world diverse of possibilities and creative forces.

Art can be challenging and sometimes controversial. The definition of art no longer applies strictly to the early classical period, nor is it limited to visual art and sculpture. Contemporary art describes a wide range of visual, auditory, and performance-based practices and experiences. Abstract art has also boomed in the last century despite its roots going back older than we think. There are also art forms that are more instrumental and full of meaning, many of which can be found in Greece and Egypt. With the advent of modern art, artists like Jackson Pollack, whose work is now valued for millions of dollars, were ridiculed by critics for the abstract art they produced. Today, students interested in creating works of art can take art courses in subjects as diverse as African art and Chinese art.

Advantages of taking art courses online

The first advantage is that you can take each course at your own pace, and the second is that each of these introductory courses are specifically designed to help you learn in a complete way and according to the demands of the current market. Dudi Berkowitz Chicago also invites you to review all the other course topics available on his media platforms.

Learn with Dudi Berkowitz Chicago’s online courses and take advantage of the opportunities that the art world has for you, while becoming an expert in art. Dudi Berkowitz Chicago has a wide range of introductory and intermediate level courses on art.

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