Geometric Design with GeoGebra – Jan 7

This class will take place online via Zoom and is appropriate for all levels, whether you are new to GeoGebra, new to geometric design, or are already a pro at designing by hand and want to learn a new digital tool. Even if you’ve used GeoGebra before, there’s always something new to learn.
If something unexpected comes up and you have to miss the class, or you want to go back and work through the material at your own pace, the class will be recorded, and all ticket-holders will get access to the recording.
We’ll construct a pattern together, so before the class make sure you have the free GeoGebra software downloaded. I recommend creating an account on so that you can easily save and share your work, especially if you plan to use the browser-based version of GeoGebra. My favorite version is Classic 5, but I will use Classic 6 during the class as it seems to be what works best on the largest range of devices. You can download and/or access GeoGebra here:
You may want to consider connecting to the class with multiple devices or one device with two monitors if you can–one to view the Zoom and one to work in GeoGebra.
If you’re brand new to GeoGebra and want to play around before the class, check out this YouTube playlist that will walk you through some of the basic tools.
Instructor Sarah Brewer is an artist-mathematician from Mobile, Alabama, USA. She is interested in the mathematical tools for making art, the inherent beauty in pure mathematics, and the application of artistic and mathematical methods to other disciplines. Her most recent body of artistic and mathematical work is an investigation into classical Islamic geometric designs, paying particular attention to the circle packing that arises organically from the underlying Euclidean compass and straightedge construction. She also enjoys artistic and mathematical problems in origami, knot theory, perspective drawing, and data visualization. These manifest in her creative practice through drawing, bookbinding, digital pattern design, and paper folding.
Follow her on Instagram @mathemartiste
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